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BearPaws™ Household warming socks

BearPaws™ Household warming socks

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Turn those cold or gray days into warm moments, enjoying everything from your morning coffee to a cozy sofa read, a snuggled-up nap, watch movie or that beloved series. BearPaws will envelop you in its softness and comfort, making your days at home the most delightful.


Designed to reach up to the thighs and crafted from soft plush fabric, they are the perfect combination of comfort and beauty.

Product information

Color: Brown, Light gray, White, Blue, Pink and Green.
Material: Soft plush fabric.
Sizing: BearPaws socks are one size fits all, so you don't have to worry about sizing.

  • Length from thigh to heel: 55cm.
  • Leg width: 41.5-45cm.
  • Foot length: 23-25.5cm.


Different uses

If you occasionally feel too warm or want to wear shoes, at the bottom of the socks, you'll find an opening where you can slide out your feet and fold the sock down to your ankles


These socks will envelop you in their softness while keeping your feet warm. Enjoy comfort and style with every step you take because you deserve the best, even in the comfort of your own home.

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